Pleasure-based Learning

Seeking connection, resistance, and joy in the classroom

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Classroom ruckus might not be a common assessment of student learning, but it is what best encapsulates and motivates my success as an educator. As bell hooks contends, “joyful practice” and community-building are central to student learning, engagement, and empowerment.

The current era of racial violence and social isolation inspired my pursuit of a joyful classroom. My perspective as a sociologist studying gender and race inspired my feminist pedagogy, where we critically reflect on our power and privilege, build community, and seek to actualize a more just future.

For the last four semesters, I’ve cultivated this approach teaching Sex and Gender in Society on intersectional inequality. From the first page of my bright syllabus to the final class session imagining gender utopias, I treat learning as a celebration, not to be taken lightly, but a cherished opportunity to expand our understanding of the social world and arsenal of tools to improve it. I look forward to bringing this feminist approach to a variety of sociological courses in pursuit of joy and justice.

Courses taught

Sociology of Gender

Race and Ethnicity

Race, Class, and Gender

Qualitative Data Collection & Analysis

Sociology of Reproduction/Reproductive Rights

Sample Lesson Plans

Social Science Panel Discussion

Controlling Images in Social Media

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