Qualitative Data collection (interviews and participant observation)

Qualitative data analysis (Atlas.ti; Dedoose; MAXQDA)

Quantitative data analysis (Excel, Stata)

Program Evaluation & Reporting

Grant writing

Teaching and Technical Assistance

Areas of Expertise

Gender & Sexuality

Race & Ethnicity


Politics & Political Sociology

Qualitative Methods

Mixed Methods

Current Projects

Teaching Good (Sexual) Citizenship: A Comparative Study of Sex Education Policy and Practice

My dissertation examines how sex education policy and practice shape race and gender inequality. 

Abortion Policy and Politics

How do politics of sexuality, race, and gender shape the terrain of abortion politics and policy? How do anti-abortion and abortion rights movements impact contentious politics? 

Collaborative projects

Educational Inequality

Working for Dr. Karolyn Tyson, I used qualitative data analysis to investigate how power dynamics between school district administrators, teachers, and parents contribute to the racial achievement gap in public schools.

Higher Education and Citizenship

In collaboration Dr. Andrew Perrin, I leveraged qualitative and quantitative content analysis to study how four-year colleges attempt to distill citizenship.

Work in the time of COVID-19

Working on a research team for Dr. Alexandrea Ravenelle, I organized, coded, and analyzed transcripts to study the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on precarious workers. Findings were published in Socius: Social Research for a Dynamic World: “The Looming Crazy Stalker Coronavirus”: Fear Mongering, Fake News, and the Diffusion of Distrust.”